No sooner had Gracie had her first lesson than she started teaching her twin brother Elias what she had learned.  Thanks so much to Lisa and Jessica for this adorable video!

13 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Radha

    My 6 year old and 3 year old started lessons with Marissa this past summer. She is MAGIC with the kids. My daughter had taken piano before and was bored in class and unwilling to practice. Under Marissa’s guidance we never have to tell her to practice – she is completely motivated because she “loves Marissa more than all her teachers.” And seeing the fun they were having my 3 year old insisted on lessons that Marissa handles in an age appropriate way. We are so glad to have found Marissa!

  2. Tamara Spackman

    My 7-year old son, Oliver, has only had 8 lessons and already had his first recital! He was so proud of himself, and we are so proud of him, too! Marissa has been an energetic inspiration for him — encouraging him, helping him to focus, and being an enthusiastic fan. It so gratifying to see him develop a love for the piano and gain confidence in himself as a person. Thank you, Marissa! We look forward to more!

  3. Lanae Holbrook

    My children have both taken piano lessons from Marissa, and had a great experience.

    Helene, age 10, says: Marissa is the best piano teacher in the world and also the best actress. She makes piano lessons fun and enjoyable. We laugh a lot, in between playing duets. She says I must learn my songs, but she lets me be creative too.

    Landen, age 8, says: I started piano lessons with Marissa when I was 5 years old. She taught me to play Lion King and Star Wars. And she has fun recitals where we get to perform. Now I am 8 years old and I am playing piano and other instruments, because Marissa taught me how to read notes.

  4. lisa shaw

    Hey Folks,
    Yup, that’s our daughter Gracie with her twin brother Elias in Marissa’s video. Elias has taken up Guitar. Just like Marissa said, during practice time they exchange experiences, compare differences, find common ground and…hold “concerts”! This is amazing to witness. Marissa is kind, inviting and lively. Honestly, she lights the piano for us all. Gracie adores her. Marissa sings, dances and animates piano learning. I often ask Grace to teach me what she’s learned after Marissa’s left – I become so excited overhearing the fun she has learning. Marissa is the teacher you want to have.
    Learning climbs forever and I highly recommend Marisa for any of those steps – for your children or yourself…She’s wonderful!

  5. Esther Huggins

    I remember the afternoons of having my nephew meet me at work so that we could get to his piano lessons with Marissa at her Washington studio. As I sat in another room reading, I could hear her patiently coaching him through his lessons and each week his skill and confidence grew. Accompanying Bernard to Marissa’s soon became one of the highlights of my week as this delightful young woman taught him and, I must say, I learned a few things, too. Brooklyn has gained a wonderful teacher.

  6. Larry Pedrick

    Larry Pedrick

    When our daughter was in Kindergarten at her school in Washington,D.C. she began group piano lessons at school. During summer break we had new neighbors move into the townhouse next to ours and soon began to hear wonderful piano music in the evenings. We met our new neighbor Marissa and discovered that she was looking for piano students. Amanda began private lessons and what a joy it was to see her excitement and progress. Soon a couple of her friends were also taking lessons from Marissa. To attend their recitals and see their musical progress and poise was beyond amazing. We were also fortunate to see Marissa perform at several local theaters. Our loss is NYC’s gain.

  7. Aviva

    Marissa was an energetic piano teacher who inspired both my 10 and 6 year old daughters. I give her my highest recommendation. We miss her since she has moved to New York!

  8. David Goldsmith

    While living in Washington DC, I was an older student of Marissa’s, in my upper 20’s (I always found it hilarious when I’d come for my lesson, preceded by someone 20 years my junior!). Marissa was an excellent teacher, catering to my interests and tastes in music, balancing learning the basics of piano with music theory and, as I progressed, adding in some music of my choice. She was also always incredibly flexible with my ever-changing schedule.

    Though I believe that the majority of Marissa’s students are younger children, if you are an adult looking for piano lessons, I would absolutely recommend Marissa. I found her to be incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and someone who has really thought about teaching and how best to convey the lessons and skills of piano. I really enjoyed working with her, learned a great deal, and still use what she taught me when I play piano.

  9. Betty Sun

    Marissa taught our daughter, Julia, piano for two years. What impressed us about Marissa was her disciplined approach to teaching the instrument while allowing scope for students to choose the occasional contemporary piece of music. (She even encouraged students to accompany with voice the pieces performed at recital. Wisely, Marissa understood that tapping into a student’s musical tastes and interests could deepen their motivation to work harder at learning music. Marissa is truly unique in this way, as other piano instructors my children have had tended to be very rigid about “deviating” from classical repertoire. We understood that neither of our children would pursue piano professionally, but if their teachers instilled greater love and appreciation of piano, then they would hold onto a real interest throughout their adult lives. I cannot recommend Marissa more highly. She is skilled, open-minded, and knows how to impart her love of music to her students. We wish you much luck in your Brooklyn piano studio. Betty Sun and Julia Mulroy

  10. Rennie Grant

    My wife and I wanted our granddaughter Ahriana to start taking piano lessons in Washington DC. We set about interviewing piano instructors and when we met Marissa our search was over. Not only is she a gifted musician she is also a top notch instructor who is great with children of all ages. She has a style that is both encouraging and enthusiastic. Under Marissa’s wing our granddaughter has blossomed into a very confident and talented young lady. Our experience with Marissa was very pleasant and rewarding. If you’re looking for a piano instructor I highly recommend that you meet her.
    Once you do I’m confident your search will be over.

  11. Jessica Rothberg

    Marissa is great! My daughter loves her lessons and wants to practice at home. She’s only 5 and is already learning so much!
    Thanks Marissa!

  12. Diane Jentilet

    I cannot recommend Marissa highly enough. She taught my children for years and was wonderful throughout; always very professional with an unfaltering positive attitude and very effective teaching technique. She even managed to get my son to sit at the piano in first grade — no small accomplishment! She has a great passion for piano and is exceptionally talented, to which anyone lucky enough to watch her perform can attest. The recitals were a nice balance, giving the students a chance to perform their best without causing them to feel anxious or pressured. She connects with children of all ages, keeping it fun while inspiring them to excel. New York is lucky to have Marissa, she will be missed in DC!

  13. Ruth Holder

    Marissa taught my granddaughter Consuela beginning piano, and one day may be listed in a program note as having helped launch Consuela’s performing career. Consuela always looked forward to her lessons and relished her achievements. Marissa is a great personality and an effective teacher, with the ability to convey the joy of music in her lessons. I especially appreciated Marissa’s ability to educate without taking the fun out of the subject, as too many teachers seem to think they must. My sister, who is a music educator, had the opportunity to observe Marissa and approves thoroughly of her technical proficiency, teaching methods, and educational style. I recommend Marissa without reservation.

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