Piano lessons in Brooklyn – first lesson half-price!

Sometimes even Rachmaninoff is funny.

Marissa Molnar began as a musician and ended up as an award-winning actor/pantomime artist and intrepid piano teacher! After studying piano and voice for 12 years and then receiving a B.A. in Music from American University, Marissa went on to accumulate 8 years of teaching experience in DC and NYC, including 5 years of post-grad extensive training and classroom experience in early childhood arts education/psychology through the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts.

She now specializes in teaching piano to beginning students of all ages; while she uses the traditional method, she believes in a holistic approach to teaching the arts– she enriches the lessons with her training in dance and storytelling to find fun and motivating ways to explain musical concepts. As one young student recently put it:

“My mom says you’re exuberant. That means you get really excited about everything!”


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